Tim started his career editing in Soho, London. Cutting his teeth in Post houses across the capital, building a robust technical knowledge. His career took him into the commercial world, at the award winning Mother London, working on large international campaigns. The skills he honed in the advertising world, translated well into outdoor adventure filmmaking. Tim has had the honour to work on some of the biggest projects and names within the industry. Tim has won multiple awards, both freelance and as part of the team at Sherpas Cinema.

Specializing in documentary, branded and commercial work, Tim would classify his style as "Tight". Whether short form or long, Tim's ability to hold the viewers attention with compelling story, seamless cutting and creative choices, puts his clients in safe and experienced hands. With over 15 years in the industry and a list of diverse clients, Tim has the experience needed to guide a project from concept to completion, always understanding the needs of the venture.

Tim cites the work of editors Tom Cross, Joe Walker and Paul Rogers as inspiration. He hopes to emulate their unique abilities to add their personal style whilst remaining almost invisible.

Though Tim loves to work in the edit suite, he shares that passion with ultra marathon running, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Tim is also a founding partner in the Squamish based Film Editing Collective Halcyon Post

"Tim is a masterful editor and great collaborator. He has a deep understanding of story and an uncanny ability to layer in the nuance required to make a project shine" - Andrea Wing, Well Travelled Collective