The Age of A.I

The fear of losing jobs to computers is a common one among millions of people, and one that many have seen happen in their lifetime. But A.I has the potential to allow many jobs to evolve, to become safer, more efficient and better for society as a whole.

The Age of A.I is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks will change the world.

Executive Producers RDJ: Robert Downey Jr. & Susan Downey
Executive Producers Network: Paul Gertz, Derik Murray, Sean Foley & Yon Motskin
Executive Producers Youtube: Emily Ford, Corey Lanier & Tom Lesinski

Consulting Producer: Will.I.Am
Post Production Producer: Jadene Stojak Babcock
Narration: Robert Downey Jr.
Co-Producer: Evan Moore
Supervising Producer: Dan Jackson
Senior Story Producer: Scott Tiffany
Line Producers: Joe Tuck & Louise Valgardson
Co-ordinating Producer: Emily Shank
Associate Producer: Sara Ramaker
Sr VP Business Affairs: Kent Wingerak
Chief Financial Officer: Darren Battersby
Field Producers: Robert Kirbyson, Bruce Thorson & Peter Waal
Composers: Jacob Yoffee & Rohan Hilton
Director of Photography: Steven Holleran
Unit Production Managers: Jennifer C.Davis & Shaun Veltkamp
Casting Producer: Trish Neufeld
Segment Producers: Emma Burns, Shannon Kaplun, Catherine Petersen & Joanne Pearce
Post Production Supervisor: Lisa Turner
Post Production Co-ordinator: Step Carruthers
Logger: Moses Altmann
Transcriber: Cathy Love

Editors: John Adams, Andy Bely, Daniel Devita, Jenypher Fisher, Alan Flett, Tony Kent, Graham Kew, Tyrone L’hirondelle, Eric MacDonald, Peter Steele & Tim Symes

Junior Editors: Matt Gough & Max Wood
Assistant Editors: Steven Hayes, Shaun Lang & Josh Pratt