Thank you, Vince

In 2020 Vince Carter retired after a 22 year career in the NBA. The 8 time All-Star was instrumental in the early 2000’s for the rise in popularity of the Toronto Raptors. “Air Canada”, went on to have a successful if somewhat nomadic career, and NBA Canada hired us to tell that story in a 60 second commercial. From Vince’s explosive Dunk Contest in 2000 to his emotional return to Toronto with the Memphis Grizzlies. Vince’s relationship with the Canadian fans was never straight forward, but in the end, all there is to say is Thank You, Vince.

Client: NBA Canada
Director: Tim Symes & Jay Macmillan
Edited By: Tim Symes & Jay Macmillan
Post Production: Halcyon Post
Producer: Roland Eksteins
Executive Producer: Ron Goldenberg
Sound Mixer: Jeff Yellen @ Ridgeline sound
Graphics: Tim Symes & Blair Richmond