The Trapline

Syd grew up in a world of farming, hunting, trapping and logging. While she felt drawn to these activities, her traditionally-minded family viewed them as mans work and she wasn’t encouraged to follow her heart into the wild. Twenty years later, Syd has carved out a rich life in the Yukon and she’s done it on her own terms. An avid outdoors person, she is recognized as one of the most successful hunters in the Yukon, gender be damned. Then she met Jurgen, an old trapper who would change the course of her life. In Syd, Jurg saw something he just couldn’t shake, and someone in which he could entrust eight decades of wisdom, along with the trapline on which to apply it. This is the story of an unusual apprenticeship between an old timer and a young woman, and a disappearing way of life, changing hands.

Winner Best Mountain Culture Short Film Whistler Film Festival 2022
Official Selection 5 Point 2023
Official Selection Wasatch Mountain Film 2023

Film to be released online via Yeti, in 2024

Client: YETI
Director: Andrea Wing
Post Production: Halcyon Post
Post Production Supervisor: Tim Symes
Editor: Tim Symes, Jen Randall, Jay Macmillan
Producer: Zanny Venner
Executive Producers: Sarah Steele & Darcy Hennessy Turenne
Cinematography: Cameron Sylvester
Additional Drone: Sloane Brown
Colourist: Mike Gamble
Stills: Frankie Foss
Title Graphics: Lenka Prochazka
Audio Post: Jeff Yellen @ Ridgeline sound
Music By: Jonathan Kawchuk
Additional Arrangement: Nick Grimshaw & Katy Semyonova
Mixing Engineer: James Clemens Seely

Starring: Sydney Van Loon & Jurg Hofer