You, Elevated

123w approached us knowing we had an extensive knowledge of making ski films. They wanted to craft a series of athlete vignettes showing their home resorts, and build brand anthem and commercials from the footage. We came on board with all footage in the can and worked with the creatives at 123w to carve out each athletes story. From those portraits we carved out multiple 15’s, and 30’s to deliver a complete set of campaign tools for web and social delivery.

“There are a multitude of ways to feel it.

The anticipation at dawn when it’s snowed over and you see the skies parting to become a bluebird day.

The first ride up, seeing a blank canvas in every direction, feeling the cold outside but being warmed up by the inner fire of anticipation.

The butterflies in your stomach when you stand on top, tighten your straps, make sure all your zippers are done up, and are about to drop in.

The run down, effortlessly floating through the powder, weaving through giant forests, over tops of rollers, and testing your limits of speed; while laughing like a kid the entire way down.

And finally, that feeling of elation when you reach the bottom, trying to catch your breath through an ear-to-ear grin, fully charged and ready to repeat the process all over again.

These moments are what we live for, and occur in abundance every winter here in British Columbia’s mountains. These moments produce a higher version of oneself; It’s You, Elevated” 

Client: Destination British Columbia
Agency: 123w
Director: Rob Tarry
Creative: Rob Tarry
Post Production: Halcyon Post
Post Production Supervisor: Tim Symes
Production Companies: Switchback Entertainment & CK9 Studios
Editor: Tim Symes
Assistant Editor: Heather Mosher
Additional Editing: Jen Randall
Producer: Ryan Clarke
Sound Mixer: Jeff Yellen @ Ridgeline sound
Music By: Jeremy Wallace Maclean

Starring: Spencer O’Brien, Chris Rubens, Mirae Campbell, Trace Cooke, Anita Naidu, Josh Dueck